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The Easter Figolla is very famous and traditional on the Rock and is always expected during Easter. Many people buy these, however many other families make home made ones. Ingredients: For pastry 2 lbs flour 1 lb sugar 1 lb butter 1 lemon zest (optional) 4 egg yolks For the filling 1lb sugar 2/3 egg whites […]

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Easter Traditions

Being such a Christian Island, Christmas (Jesus’ Birth) and Easter (Jesus’ Resurrection) are the most important events in Malta. Just like a lot of religious activities happen during Christmas, they also happen during Easter. In Malta, just like in so many other Christian Countries, there is a preparation process ahead of Jesus’ Resurrection. Easter Preparations  […]

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Maltese Christmas Log

The Christmas Log is very popular on the island and it is indeed always present in many households during the Christmas Season! Ingredients: 2 Packets biscuits plain (you can use Morning Coffee or Digestive) 1 large tin Condensed milk 100g Glace cherries 100g Walnuts 100gCandied peel 150g Hazelnuts and Almonds (crushed) 100g Bar Milk Chocolate […]

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Christmas in Malta

Malta has always been a very religious country so Christmas has always been a very special holiday for the Maltese.  It is a time to celebrate Christ and family gatherings, much like North America. Christmas Decorations There are many events happening on the Rock during the festive season. Rest assured, everyone is very festive this […]

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Malta’s Religious Niches

Niches in the Streets Throughout streets on the Rock, there are many Niches with Religious Statues. They are witnesses of the Christianity in Malta. These Niches are mainly statues of Jesus or the Holy Mary. Along with the statue is usually a marble plaque that encourages watchers to say a prayer. In the past, there […]

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Malta’s Patron Saints and Perish Churches

Malta is a very religious country.  This all began after St. Paul was shipwrecked on the Island and spend three months.   This led to  St Paul becoming a patron saint along with St Publius and St Agatha, the main Patron Saints of the Rock. However, having approximately 365 churches means that there are many other […]

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Cathedrals in Malta

Malta is one of the oldest Christian countries in the world since St Paul’s shipwreck in 60 AD. It  has remained a Christian community ever since. Locals were very devoted in the past and you can notice their craftsmanship in the way churches and cathedrals are adorned and decorated. The younger generations are changing and […]

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Christianity in Malta

The Maltese Islands are known to be very religious. In fact, the church has ruled the country and its politics for many years. Today, the church is still a very strong organization and influences the Maltese lifestyle and decisions made by the government. St. Paul’s Shipwreck Malta became a strong Christian Country during St. Paul’s […]

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Churches in Malta

The Maltese Islands are known to be very religious. In fact the church has ruled the country and its politics many years ago. Today, the church is still a very strong organisation, To this day, it influences the Maltese lifestyle and important decisions made by the government. Malta as a Christian Country Malta became a […]

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St. Paul in Malta

Malta’s deep Christian roots span back to A.D. 60 when none other than the Apostle Paul himself shipwrecked on the island. Paul was on his way to Rome, where he was being tried as a political rebel when the ship he was traveling on faced a severe storm and ultimately wrecked two weeks later. All […]

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