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Maltese is a Semitic language that evolved from the Arabic language, with significant influences from Italian, Sicilian, and English. The Maltese alphabet is based on the Latin script. Here are some general guidelines for pronouncing Maltese sounds: Consonants: ħ (ħa): Similar to the Arabic “ح” or the English “h” in “hat,” but it is pronounced […]

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Useful Maltese Phrases

English and Maltese are the official Language in Malta. Learn a few useful Maltese phrases here that you can use when you visit the Rock. Malta, a picturesque archipelago in the heart of the Mediterranean, boasts a unique language that reflects its rich cultural tapestry. The Maltese language, with its Semitic roots and influences from […]

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Common Words

Today I would like to teach you a few common words that are constantly used in Malta and that might be of use if you visit the Island with us at Meet The Rock!  The numerous nationalities ruling Malta influenced the Maltese Language which is a Semitic language! Old words such as the numbers and […]

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Numbers and Days of the Week

Maltese Numbers and Days of the Week Malta, a jewel in the Mediterranean, not only captivates with its azure waters and historical marvels but also with its unique language. Dive into the essence of Maltese culture by unraveling the nuances of their numbers and days of the week. The Maltese alphabet, numbers, days of the […]

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