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At Meet the Rock, we create exclusive experiences for people who want to travel to Malta. What or who is the Rock? It is Malta, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean that its locals affectionately call "The Rock". Meet The Rock wants you to experience Malta and all of its wonder. Creating a unique travel experience for your group that is sure to WOW you. We understand that time is the greatest luxury, which is why Meet The Rock maintains strong relationships on the Island so every part of your experience meets your expectations.

Whether you are looking to inspire a team, vacation with your close knit friends or look to join one of our exclusive groups, Malta has a vast diversity of hotels, restaurants, sports, museums and interests along with a deep rich tantalizing history that is sure to intrigue a wide variety of travelers.

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"Cheryl put together an amazing customized adventure to all three Maltese islands.  My trip was eight days including two nights on a sailboat in the Mediterranean.  The journey included culture, history, nature and fantastic food.  I am excited to go back and experience more of The Rock." - Kimberly