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Maltese Christmas Log

The Christmas Log is very popular on the island and it is indeed always present in many households during the Christmas Season!

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2 Packets biscuits plain (you can use Morning Coffee or Digestive)
1 large tin Condensed milk
100g Glace cherries
100g Walnuts
100gCandied peel
150g Hazelnuts and Almonds (crushed)
100g Bar Milk Chocolate
Some Brandy


Crush the biscuits
Chop the nuts (make sure they are roasted beforehand)
Mix all ingredients (except Bar Milk Chocolate) by hand in a large bowl.
Shape Mixture to form the log and wrap in a greaseproof paper.
Put into the fridge and leave it for 12hours to harden.
Remove the log shaped mixture from paper.
Melt the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water and cover to decorate the Christmas log.- you can use flakes of hardened choc to add texture to your Christmas log

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