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The Azure Window

The Azure Window (It-Tieqa Zerqa) is the most iconic and popular landmark of Gozo. It used to be a cave but due to sea erosion it became a 92ft natural arch. Past pictures show where an indication became an arch in the 19th century. It has become extremely popular since then. Known as the Dwejra Window, it was extremely famous with tourists and locals. As a result, it was an ideal scenic spot where movies, adverts and TV series were filmed. The most recent one is Game of Thrones!

The locals mourned the loss of the Window on March 8th, 2017. It collapsed due to heavy storms and strong winds. Many have felt the loss as this was part of the Gozitan/Maltese identity which is now lost forever. In response, there have been some discussions as to whether the Arch should have been better protected and make it a forbidden area to enter. But this was all too little too late! Having said all that, the Azure Window will always be known and remembered as one of the most amazing Landmarks on the Island of Gozo!

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There have been many rumors about what will happen in this particular spot. The most recent idea was to create a mirrorless steel structure. This would replace the original Window with an exhibition space placed on it to project the Maltese History through the years. According to architect Andreev, this idea would be "a perfect monument and symbol of the fusion of modernity and nature, of time and history and a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit"- (The Insider).

Although the window is not there, it is still considered one of the favorite stops on our tour of Gozo.  See our signature tours and make your plans to visit the rock.

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