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Maltese Sports & Activities

Malta has so much to offer when it comes to sports and activities, whether you want to participate or relax and spectate!

In this post we are going to explore some of the popular activities that visitors like to participate in. But don't worry, if there is something you love to do that is not on this list, I'm sure this friendly island can accommodate...well except for winter sports that is!


Diving has become one of the most popular sports activity on the Rock. The sea temperature is always relatively warm and the visibility is always great which make is ideal for divers to explore. The three islands are surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean sea. Professional divers and beginners enjoy discovering caves and reefs. Diving has become so popular in the last 10 years that there are a variety of PADI Diving schools on the Rock!

Quad Bikes

Another sporting activity on the Rock is the Quad Bikes! Many adventurous tourists rent these bikes to discover Malta and Gozo in a unique way. Quad Bikes are easy to use. They can go places such as cliffs and uneven surfaces. Bicycles also go where cars are not allowed. Quad Bikes are mostly popular in Gozo, specifically in places next to the sea such as Marsalforn and other places like Dwejra where you can use the Quad Bikes on uneven surfaces!

Trekking and Walking in Malta

Trekking around Malta is a relatively new activity on the Maltese Islands and thus is still not as popular. Having said that, there is a trend of an increase in the Trekking interest. Being a very Rocky Island with plenty of rough surfaces makes these Islands ideal for such sporting activity. Hence, the interest in such sports. Nowadays, there are plenty of trails to sport such activity. Places such as the Bharija Trail, the Mellieha Trail and the Southern Trail are great for explorers. 

Fishing in Malta

Fishing is one of the most traditional activities on the Rock. Many see fishing as a professional career as well as a sporting activity. Many Maltese people fish in the evenings and enjoy doing so on the weekends as a “hobby”. Fishing is becoming so popular with tourists and we are happy to charter a boat for your next fishing adventure.

Main Sporting  Events on the Rock


The Regatta is a very special and famous event on the Island especially since it is held on one of the most important days for the Rock. The Regatta is a boat rowing race which is held in the Valletta Harbour every year and there are 6 teams coming from a variety of towns around the Harbour. The 8th of September marks the end of the Great Siege in 1965 and the British defeating the Italian Army in the Second World War in 1943. These races are held in typical Maltese boats that were traditionally used by fishermen in the past. This event is usually around five hours long and it is indeed a very important event for the Maltesers!

Rolex Middle Sea Race

The Rolex Race is a very popular activity, not just with the Locals but also with many foreigners. This is a Yachting Race that will mark its 32nd Anniversary this year. The Rolex Middle Sea Race was an idea between two rivalries, the Royal Ocean Racing Club and the Royal Malta Yacht Club. This Race has become one of the most famous in Europe and many Yacht Owners are now participating in this Yachting Race. The Race starts from Malta, goes around Sicily and comes back to Malta. The record was broken in 2007 and now it stands for 47 Hours, 55 Minutes and 3 Seconds!

If you are interested in any of these or other sports, reach out and we can help you. Contact us.



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