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Cheryl’s Favorite Restaurants

Cheryl’s Favorite Dining Locations

I love the dining experience in Malta.  There are so many different choices in restaurants, but what really stands out for me is that they really are an experience.  There are so many places to choose from to eat.  For example, there are traditional Maltese restaurants, Italian, Irish pubs, pizza places, the list goes on. I’m going to share with you a few that really stand out in my head.

Let’s start with Valletta.  On one of my trips I stayed for three days in an apartment.  It was great it was only one block away from where my Grandfather grew up.  My grandma was only a few blocks away from there.  It was a bit surreal for me to be walking down the streets and thinking of them as they were growing up.  I love Valletta.

Ta’ Nenu’s (Nenu The Artisan Baker)

Nenu The Artisan Baker is an authentic Maltese restaurant, very casual atmosphere.  They serve traditional Maltese food including the Maltese Ftira.  When you walk in it doesn’t seem as if the restaurant is that big, but like most of the buildings in Valletta, the front looks small compared to what you see going in.  They have a fire oven in there that is over 100 years old.  This restaurant is literally steps away from the house that my Grandpa grew up in.  I’m sure he ate many things that were cooked in that fire oven.  We took a group of 30 people here and had family style menu options.  There was so much food and it was delicious!


The Kings Own Band Club

The King's Own Band Club– On Republic Street.  A bit of history here.  There are band clubs in each town or village, sometimes there are several band clubs with deep rooted rivalries.  These clubs in their traditions would be the gathering place for the locals to share gossip, play snooker, or celebrate the local town festas.    Till today they are part of the social and cultural history and play a key role of spreading the Maltese culture and teaching music.

The Kings own Band Club is located on the main street in Valletta up the street from the Palace.  We chose to eat outside on the street and the food was delicious.  My choice was roasted rabbit, the best that I had so far on the island.

Kings Own Club.1
Kings Own Club.2
Kings Own Club.3


Marsaxlokk is a popular fishing village in south eastern Malta.  It is known for its views and the market. Every Sunday there is a huge market where they sell food and fish.  Very common for locals to come and do their shopping.  As a tourist, I do not recommend you visit on Sunday.  There are so many tents up that you miss the beautiful view of the harbor and it is so crowded.  Every other day, you will experience a smaller market that you can purchase Maltese sweets, Maltese Lace or other souvenirs.


Ta’ Serkin, Chrysal Palace Bar

Near Mdina, in the town of Rabbat, there are a few bakeries that make some of the best Pastitzzi around.  These flakey, crispy crusts wrapped around a savory filling are a tradition that my grandparents and mother brought back.  They themselves never mastered making them but we found places nearby that makes them and they were a treat when we had them.  Not the same as those made in Malta.  We stopped at Ta’ Serkin, Chrysal Palace Bar for our snack


Ta' Victors

My favorite place to dine is Ta’ Victors.  This is a small but popular restaurant located in the town square.  The food comes out in courses and Victor himself, who doesn’t speak English very well will walk you through the menu.  For us, we just let him choose our meals.

Ta Victors.1

Root 81

Just outside of Mdina, we had a group eat at Root 81.  This was a very small but quaint restaurant just steps away from the main entrance of Mdina in Rabaat.  Situated on a hill, the outside balcony has a beautiful view of Malta, and the food was outstanding, the service was fantastic.


The Medina Restaurant

Inside the gates of Mdina, there are also a number of very nice 5-star restaurants.  Our party of five enjoyed the atmosphere of The Medina Restaurant,  cozy restaurant down one of the narrow streets of Mdina.  The food and the experience were exquisite.

Medina Restaurant


In the town of Dingli we had dinner at a local farm to table restaurant DIAR IL-BNIET, 14, Triq Salvu Azzopardi, Dingli.  This cute restaurant had great food, quaint tables and a mini market to purchase some goodies or kitchen ware to take home with you.  This was one of our recent groups favorites as well.

Diar Il Bniet.2
Diar Il Bniet.1

The Boathouse

Gozo, the sister island of Malta, situated just north has a wide variety of options.  Some of my favorites include The Boathouse in Xlendi.  You can sit outside on their patio and enjoy a great meal with a great view.

Boat House.1
Boat House.2
Boat House.3

The Fat Rabbit

In a historical town of Nadur, we ate at The Fat Rabbit, again a cute local place that had inside and outside eating.  We shared a fantastic appetizer plate and pizza and of course a bottle of wine.

Fat Rabbit.1
Fat Rabbit.2

II-Kartell Restaurant

Another favorite was in the northern town of Marsalforn, we sat outside by the water at II-Kartell Restaurant.  This Mediterranean restaurant had a variety of fish, pasta and a nice wine selection.

Il Kartell
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