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The Order of St John

Hello! Welcome back to the next period of the Maltese historical journey. It is such a blessing to have Angele on the team to take us through this adventure via the newsletter. The Knights of St. John as you will learn had a significant influence and left a big footprint on the island. This has […]

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Arabs Rule


Today we will be bringing to light another crucial aspect of Malta and its history, Arab rule of Malta. When the Arabs ruled Malta, they left behind aspects that shaped the Maltese language, and some foods that turned into staples in Malta. A Historical Timeline: 5200BC- Pre History 900BC- Early Inhabitants 218BC- Roman Times 870- […]

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Roman Times

Today, I will be taking you on one of the most important milestones of the Maltese Islands and showing how certain aspects still form part of our identity today! I will also be recommending some places to visit which can be organized by our Meet The Rock team. A Historical Timeline: 5200BC- Pre History 900BC- […]

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Malta and the Pheonicians

A Historical Timeline 5200BC- Pre History 900BC- Early Inhabitants 218BC- Roman Times 870- Under the Arabs 1090- Norman Rule 1530- Knights of St John 1798- French Occupation 1814- British Period 1964- ModernĀ  Malta 900BC- Early Inhabitants The Carthaginians Rule Malta History indicates that in 750BC, Malta was ruled by the Phoenicians who referred to Malta […]

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A Quick Look At The Early Settlers of Malta

My name is Angele Mallia, and I have the pleasure of working with Cheryl on this amazing project. Being born and raised on the Rock, I am a patriot and love the Maltese History. I also love our gastronomic inheritance that was a result of all the cultures that were brought to Malta throughout history. […]

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