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Beaches in Malta

Malta’s location has always been its strength and main advantage over other countries. As we have already covered in previous posts, Malta became a strategic location for negotiations made with shipments. It also proved to be crucial during both the First and Second World Wars.


The Sea

Malta’s main attraction will always be its sea. In fact the sea was highly used in all the advertisements for tourism. The Sun & Sea were the hottest topics of the Islands and for many years. Tourists visited the Rock solely for a Sun & Sea destination. Now more travelers are enjoying the experience of the Maltese history and traditions, but the Sea will always be a great reason to visit the Island.

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What is the Beach

The two main activities that “Maltesers” love doing are BBQ’s at the beach and Sundays at the Beach.

In many other countries, BBQ’s are done in the back yard or on the roof. In Malta BBQs are events that must happen at the beach. It does not really matter if it is a sandy or a rocky beach as long as it is a beach. BBQ’s are highly popular both with families and groups of friends who want to stay away from partying the night away.  In both occasions, it is normal to get to the beach early, secure a spot for the BBQ and spend the day at the beach. At night, the whole group would gather around and start cooking the BBQ food. This includes burgers, kebabs or even a steak or chicken. Many times, people from different groups would end up mingling together.

Sundays at the beach are a must for most families! Maltesers tend to leave early from home (around 10am) to secure a parking space as well as the best spot on the beach! The locals love to be prepared for the day at the beach. This is why they prepare coolers with water, soft drinks, fruit and the famous “Ftira Biz-Zejt” the ultimate Maltese snack!

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