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Nightlife in Malta

Something that may people experience in Malta is the nightlife! There are a few places that through time have become known for fun and nightlife. Different folks like to do different things! Thankfully, there are a lot of activities to do at night in Malta.

Beach Clubs

In Malta,Beach Clubs have become more popular in the past few years.
Beach Clubs are popular both during the day and at night. During the day, people love enjoying the sun and relaxing on the sun loungers.
At night, people dress up and mingle while listening to great music. On many occasions, local popular DJs will be playing in these venues. Café Del Mar, Medasia Playa and 1926 Beach Club are the most sought after Clubs. Enjoy stunning seas and unobstructed views all the while people can chill, dine, and dance. 

Open Air Bars

Another option for the ones enjoying the nightlife is the open air bars. These bars are mainly open in summer and they remain open until early mornings.

There are a few open air bars scattered on the Island. Many people choose these bars over the clubs in Paceville as they tend to be more chilled. Being open air, they are more breezy and spacious.

Gianpula and Aria Complex are the two venues that comes to mind when thinking about Open Air Bars.


The Famous Paceville

Paceville is very well known with the party goers. This famous road in the heart of St Julian's is full of different night clubs. There are plenty of music genres and these clubs are all packed, especially during the weekend.

The nightlife in this area is always booming and party goers can keep going till dawn in many night clubs.

What is fun in Paceville is that there is a great variety for everyone's interest. These clubs are perfect for those who wish to party all night. There are pubs for chilling and even karaoke bars! The best thing is that everything is within walking distance!

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