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We have a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to inspire a team, vacation with your friends or look to join one of our exclusive small groups, Malta has a vast diversity of hotels, restaurants, sports, museums and interests along with a deep rich tantalizing history that is sure to intrigue a wide variety of travelers.


Join in on one of MTRs scheduled small group tours. These themed tours are designed for specific interests, staying at five-star hotels, utilizing high end chartered transportation, and selection of top restaurants on the Island.


Looking for a unique place to locate your next meeting, incentives, or event? The MTR team works only with Quality Assured vendors. Our team can help you plan and execute the perfect event.


Let us help you plan your next trip. With our expertise, we can help create the perfect experience based on your travelers interests and budget.

The Footsteps of St. Paul

This tour is designed to give the group an exclusive experience following the footsteps of St. Paul in his three-month stay in Malta. It includes access to several churches, along with the opportunity to view the places where the Apostle was believed to live. Expert guides will share local lore of St. Paul’s role in introducing Christianity to the people of Malta.

2020 Dates
February 8-16, 2020
June 6 - 14, 2020


Come see why Europeans rate Malta in their top 10 vacation destinations. We invite you to explore the islands more than 7,000 years of deep rich history, stunning turquoise waters, and hospitable friendly culture. Explore its three main islands and their stunning coastline with a mix of cliffs, rocks, and sand. Experience its 400-year evolution of culinary delight and your luxurious accommodations.

2020 Dates
September 12-20, 2020 (subject to revision)

Let Us Create Your Malta Experience

Our team of Malta experts and travel professionals can create the perfect experience for you and your group.  We will learn about your interests and needs to create an itinerary and events that is sure to leave an impression on you and your guests.

  • Trekking has become very popular on the Maltese Islands and sights like this make it easy to understand why! ⠀
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  • The Natural History Museum is found in Medina. The biggest theft was in fact from this museum when the Goodwill MoonWalk was stolen. These Lunar Samples were given to Malta by the US President after the Moon walks by the famous Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin ⠀
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  • One of Esplora’s main attraction is the Planetarium that showcases the Cosmic System. It can be seen from the outside of the building in a shape of a massive ball! ⠀
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  • A fun fact about the National Aquarium is it’s shape structure-That of a StarFish! Apart from the 41 tanks filled with fish,reptiles, insects etc... there is also a playground just outside the Aquarium! ⠀
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  • Did you know that the purpose of Popeye Village was to built a set for the movie Popeye in 1979 for the productions of Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney! Learn more on meettherock/blogs/funactivities ⠀
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  • A Coffee with a View on the Rock ❤️ #MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #SummerDays #TheView
  • Today, Fort Rinella is one of the most interesting places to visit on the island. It became a hit again when it was used to film the movie Titanic. The water tanks at Rinella were featured as the sea during the movie and since then, this beautiful fort has been revived.⠀
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  • Did you know that the Malta Maritime Museum is the largest museum on the Rock with more than 20,000 exhibits about the Maltese Maritime history. The museum was opened in 1992 and it is situated in the old Royal Naval Bakery. In 1845 this bakery serviced the Mediterranean fleets and at times it was producing around 14,000 KG (nearly 31K lbs) of bread and biscuits daily.⠀
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  • Now that Easter has passed, we are all looking forward to Summer! What about you?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️#MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #Island #Summer
  • Today is the official opening of the Malta Fireworks Festival and it looks just fabulous! #MeetTheRock #Malta #Traditon #FireWorks #Festival
  • Easter Sunday is a main event on the Rock. On Easter, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ after 3 days dead. Festive Masses take place in all the Village Parish Churches followed by family reunions and lunches! #MeetTheRock #Malta #Traditions #Easter
  • Good Friday is the main Procession Day on the Rock. It commemorates the death of Jesus before the resurrection two days later. During the processions, chains and crosses are carried around by religious locals as a show of penitence! #MeetTheRock #Malta #Traditions #Religious #Preperation4Easter

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