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Malta and the Pheonicians

Hello! This is Angele again and today I would like to take you back in time, as far back as 900BC during the Early Inhabitants of the Rock. I will also suggest some places to visit while on the Island, so stay tuned! A Historical Timeline 5200BC- Pre History 900BC- Early Inhabitants 218BC- Roman Times […]

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A Quick Look At The Early Settlers of Malta

My name is Angele Mallia, and I have the pleasure of working with Cheryl on this amazing project. Being born and raised on the Rock, I am a patriot and love the Maltese History. I also love our gastronomic inheritance that was a result of all the cultures that were brought to Malta throughout history. […]

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Why Malta?

My name is Cheryl Wasilewski, and I am excited to share with you my love of Malta. For 22 years I worked in the airline industry traveling around the world for fun and with my global sales team on business. I would choose random places to visit for vacation because I wanted to experience as […]

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