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The Easter Figolla is very famous and traditional on the Rock and is always expected during Easter. Many people buy these, however many other families make home made ones. Ingredients: For pastry 2 lbs flour 1 lb sugar 1 lb butter 1 lemon zest (optional) 4 egg yolks For the filling 1lb sugar 2/3 egg whites […]

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Easter Traditions

Being such a Christian Island, Christmas (Jesus’ Birth) and Easter (Jesus’ Resurrection) are the most important events in Malta. Just like a lot of religious activities happen during Christmas, they also happen during Easter. In Malta, just like in so many other Christian Countries, there is a preparation process ahead of Jesus’ Resurrection. Easter Preparations  […]

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Maltese Sports & Activities

Malta has so much to offer when it comes to sports and activities, whether you want to participate or relax and spectate! In this post we are going to explore some of the popular activities that visitors like to participate in. But don’t worry, if there is something you love to do that is not […]

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Modern Malta

A Timeline of Maltese History 5200BC- Pre History 900BC- Early Inhabitants 218BC- Roman Times 870- Under the Arabs 1090- Norman Rule 1530- Knights of St John 1798- French Occupation 1814- British Period 1964- Modern Malta As we have mentioned in previous posts, the Brits left a great influence on the Island since their departure. Here […]

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Maltese Rabbit Stew

2 carrots (1 diced into small pieces and the other carrot cut into quarters) 1 large celery stick sliced 1 can chopped tomato 5 bay leaves 1 tbs oregano 500 ml water 10 small peeled potatoes Half a lemon cut into three pieces ½ cup red wine 2 tbs fresh chopped mint 1 cup peas […]

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The Azure Window

The Azure Window (It-Tieqa Zerqa) is the most iconic and popular landmark of Gozo. It used to be a cave but due to sea erosion it became a 92ft natural arch. Past pictures show where an indication became an arch in the 19th century. It has become extremely popular since then. Known as the Dwejra Window, it […]

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What Gozo is Famous for

There are many aspects of Ghawdex that make it extra special. These include the eldest man-made structures like the Ggantija, the Calypso Cave, and its amazing fortress called Citadella. It has been inhabited since the Bronze Age and reconstructed completely in 1622. Gozo is famously known especially with Maltese people for their Carnival (Karnival) and Village feasts (il- Festa […]

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The Island of Gozo

Gozo, also known as Ghawdex (Aw-desh) in the past, had a population of roughly 37,342. The people are known as Gozitans (Ghawdxin—Aw-Tshin). Gozo is more rural than Malta and fishing and agriculture play a major role in the life of a Gozitan. Historically, Gozo and Malta are linked through time. Most of the nations who conquered […]

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