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MTR was founded by Cheryl Wasilewski, MBA, CCTE, CIS. She has over 30 years of experience in marketing and travel. She maintained robust career with a major airline, leading a global sales team from across the globe and building joint venture relationships. After this, Cheryl left the airline to begin her own marketing firm with a focus on marketing and sales alignment. Cheryl looked back to her heritage, and love of both travel and her mother’s native country Malta. She made it her mission to introduce as many people as possible to this small yet rich in culture country in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Utilizing the skills she has learned, Cheryl has developed strong partnerships with people in the hospitality industry in Malta and around the world. She has brought on a team of talented and knowledgeable individuals who share the love of travel and the country. In general, Malta has a culture known for their friendliness, hospitality, and work ethic.

Our team of experienced professionals can help you strategize on your next incentive, association, or high-end leisure group to create an experience you will not forget. We can create a unique and personalized program for a group of 10 or 1000.

Let us help you create an experience to remember.

Meet the Team

Cheryl Wasilewski, Founder

Cheryl found her love of travel over 30 years ago working for an airline. She also found that she loved to entertain and plan events. On her third trip to Malta, she decided she wanted to share this beautiful island with as many people as possible. Utilizing her past experience, her marketing and sales background, she is excited with the help of an incredibly talented team to showcase Malta and its beauty.

 Angele Mallia, Digital Media

Originally from Malta, Angele has a passion for travel and tourism and achieved a Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management and a B.A. Hons. in Travel and Tourism. During her studies, she was honoured to take part in a project called 50 Years of Tourism in Malta. Going through artifacts that were stored in the National Archives of Malta and were later showcased at the Malta Tourism Authority Offices in Valletta. With a love for being around people, interacting with them and learning from different cultures she has decided to make hospitality as her profession.


Kaitlyn is a recent graduate of Spring Arbor University where she received a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration. During her studies, she had the opportunity to do a three-week cross-cultural trip to Jamaica where she realized her love for travel. She also has a passion for photography and all things design and enjoys bringing her passions together to create memorable experiences.

Angele Azzopardi, Branding & Graphic Design

Angele Azzopardi is an established graphic designer based in Malta with more than 6 years of experience in the creative field. She has worked for both local and international companies. This helped her gain experience in branding, print media, graphic design, social media and UI/UX. Angele took the plunge in entrepreneurship and opened up her creative studio, UNGL Studio, 2 years ago. The company offers branding, graphic design and digital services to both local and international customers. Angele is also CMO at a start-up called Shake Bench, innovators in co-working spaces in Malta.

Let our team take care of the stressful planning, and just enjoy the beauty, culture, and history of Malta. With everything taken care of, we can assure you this will be an experience like no other.


Meet The Rock works only with Quality Assured vendors by the Malta Tourism board.

  • Summer has officially started and you can definitely feel it on the Islands! #MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #Summer #Travelling
  • Village Festa has begun on the Island... they are mostly held between May & September and they are one of the best ways to experience a real & authentic Maltese Tradition! #MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #Traditions #Festas ⠀
  • Cheers to the Weekend on the Island where Summer is Loading 😊 ⠀
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  • The ladies in Malta this week are having a blast!  Learn about our 2020 tour dates!  www.meettherock.com/services#jump
  • These lovely ladies are almost to #malta on their first out of country vacation together. #meettherock #family #vacation #malta @cawasil
  • Malta & Gozo are linked through time. Most of the nations who conquered Malta have also conquered Gozo. However between 1978 & 1801 Gozo took their “Independence” which was shortly outlived and Gozo was governed again by Malta #MeetTheRock #Malta #Gozo #History #Destintion ⠀
  • An interesting and very refreshing fact is the freshness of the fish served on the Island. Many restaurants serve fish which is caught on the day by various fisherman and might not even be on the regular menu! These restaurants are mostly found in Marsaxlokk, the fishing Village. #MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #Travel #Marsaxlokk #Maltesefood ⠀
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  • Malta is surrounded by both Rocky and Sandy Beaches and they are all beautiful in their unique way. There are a few beaches that are hardly ever heard off due to truth secluded location. #MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #Travel #MalteseBeaches ⠀
  • Trekking has become very popular on the Maltese Islands and sights like this make it easy to understand why! ⠀
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  • The Natural History Museum is found in Medina. The biggest theft was in fact from this museum when the Goodwill MoonWalk was stolen. These Lunar Samples were given to Malta by the US President after the Moon walks by the famous Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin ⠀
Find out more on meettherock/blogs/museums ⠀
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  • One of Esplora’s main attraction is the Planetarium that showcases the Cosmic System. It can be seen from the outside of the building in a shape of a massive ball! ⠀
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#MeetTheRock #Malta #Destination #PlacestoVisit
  • A fun fact about the National Aquarium is it’s shape structure-That of a StarFish! Apart from the 41 tanks filled with fish,reptiles, insects etc... there is also a playground just outside the Aquarium! ⠀
Learn more on meettherock/blogs/fun activities⠀
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